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When you finish your wonderful evening in Mr. Mantter, you are about to leave for the next journey and attraction

Click on the following options to get the information of transportation.


Taichung Railway Station

MrMantter is close to Taichung railway station. When you open the gate and leave the hotel hall, turn right and walk 700 meters straight along Taiwan Blvd, you can see Taichung train station in front of you.


Taichung  High Speed Rail (HSR)

Driving (about 20 minutes)

Taiwan Blvd (toward the railway station) → 
turn right to Ziyou road → 
drive on the left at Gongguan Road / Xuefu Road intersection, then take Jianguo North Road to Jianguo Road → 
take the right lane to turn left Zhanqu 1st Rd (Pick-up Area)


Bus (about 30 minutes)

You can see Taichung Park when you walk along Pingdeng street,and you can see the bus stop sign "Taichung Park (Shuangshi Road)". Take the No.159 high-speed rail express bus and get off at the terminal "Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station".


Take the train at Taichung Railway Station (about 30 minutes)

After leaving Mr. Mantter, turn right to Taichung Railway Station, buy a ticket to "Xinwuri Railway Station" at Taichung Railway Station (the ticket price is about NTD 15), and then follow the instructions to Wuri train station.

​Taxi (about 20 minutes drive)

The fare is about NTD 270-350.


Taichung International Airport

Driving (about 40 minutes)

Take the Sec. 1, Taiwan Blvd / Provincial Highway 12 to the Northwest→
Turn Right after passing the Post Office (on the left) on Taichung Central Road→
Take the left lane and turn left to enter Chuang Ching Road section I / Highway 1B →

Then take the Sec. 4 Chuang Ching road/Provincial Highway 10→
trun right at the Sec. 1 of Zhonghang Road/Provincial Highway 10B→
Taichung  Airport


Bus (about 2 hours) (not recommended when carrying most luggage)

The fare is about NTD 55. 
Walk for 1 minute (about 90 meters) to the bus stop " Second Market", take bus 304 (to Taichung City Seaport Art Center), get off at Cingshuei high school (Zhongshan Road), then walk for about 1 minute, take bus 9 (to National Library of Public Information) at Chingshui high school (Xueyuan Street), get off at the "Xishi 10th Ln.", and walk 60 meters to Taichung  Airport.


 Taichung Airport Express A2 (about 70 minutes) (reservation is required 5 days in advance)

Using Jobus website to reserve Airport Express.

Website for reservation:https://jobus.tw/taichung-airport-bus/

Customer service hotline:+886-2-8521-7450

​Customer service email:service@jobus.tw

Taxi (about 40 minutes drive)

The price is about NTD 450 - NTD 600. 


Taoyuan International Airport

Using Jobus website to reserve Airport Express.

Take Hangqin N. Rd and National freeway 2→
Go to Taichung interchange / Sec. 3 of Taiwan Blvd / Provincial Highway 12 in Xitun Dist. along National Highway No. 1.

Get off interchange at exit 「178-台中」 on National Highway No. 1.→
Take the Sec. 2 of Taiwan Blvd to Provincial Highway 12 (Taiwan Blvd)→
Mr. Mantter will be on your right.

Bus (about 150 minutes) (about NTD 280)

Take bus 1623 (to Taichung bus station) at Airport Terminal II(MRT), get off at "Taichung Prefectural Hall Station", then cross the road and turn right to Pingdeng Street, then walk straight to Taiwan Blvd. and you will see Mr. Mantter across the street.


Train (about 3 hours)

Take the Metro Taoyuan  (MRT) and get off at "Taipei Main Station", then take Tze-Chiang Limited Express  (south), get off at "Taichung Railway Station", walk along Taiwan Blvd for about 10 minutes. Mr. Mantter will be on your left.

High speed rail (about 2 hours) (the price is about NTD 580)

Take the Metro Tauyuan (MRT) to get off at "Taoyuan HSR Station", then take the high-speed rail (south), get off at "Taichung HSR Station" and then take the Taiwan Railways (north) and get off at "Taichung Railway Station". Walk along with Taiwan Blvd for about 10 minutes. Mr. Mantter will be on your left.


Taxi (about 2 hours)

The price is about NTD 3,600 - NTD 4,700.


Qingjing Farm

Turn right and walk along Taiwan Blvd. to Taiwan Railway Station. Walk along "Jianguo Road", then turn left and go straight to "Gancheng Station" (about 15 minutes)

Take 【Taichung - Puli - Cingjing Farm】 Direct Bus

Ticket price: about NTD 265.



If you will return to Taichung again, Mr.Mantter will provide free luggage storage service

Please refer to:instructions to luggage storage service 


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