Instructions to luggage storage service

Is Luggage Storage for free?

Luggage storage service is free of charge, but only for those who are about to or have stayed in Mr. Mantter.

Is there any limit of luggage service?

There will be no weight limit for this service, but we hope you can pack your luggage. Each guest can storage one luggage, and each luggage may not exceed 32 inches luggage case.

Can I store important items at the same time?

The luggage storage service is for free. 
If you have important items, please take them with you or use Pay Lockers.

Is there any day limit?

The luggage storage period is for 3 days. 
If you can't take back your luggage at the appointed time due to temporary conditions, please contact us.
If you have not taken back your luggage for more than five days and cannot get in touch with us, we will seek the assistance of the local police.

If I can't return to Taichung temporarily, can TMC help me to send my luggage to me?

We will provide delivery service, but you may be required to pay in the way of cash on delivery or delivery fee in advance.
When the baggage is transferred to the shipping company for delivery, Mr. Mantter does not bear the responsibility of transportation damage and safekeeping. 
If possible, you are still suggested to retrieve the baggage in person.

Is there any restriction about luggage storage service?

Fresh, expired, life signs and items that violate the local laws and regulations is not allowed. 
If we find any abnormality in luggage storage, we may ask the local police for assistance.


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