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2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival


The Central Taiwan Lantern Festival, a spectacular event, is set to light up Taichung Central Park from February 16th to 25th, 2024. It's a first for Taichung, showcasing an impressive 15-hectare display, making it the largest park-based lantern festival in Taiwan. This year's theme, "Taichung's Dragon Celebration," brims with creativity and whimsy. It cleverly plays on a Taiwanese homophone for "everything is wonderful," embodying the city's spirit of excellence in all facets of life.

The festival's visual centerpiece, unveiled by Taichung's Tourism and Travel Bureau, is a geometrically realistic golden dragon lantern. This design pays homage to the enduring art of traditional lantern-making. Towering at 12 meters and stretching 76 meters wide, the golden dragon dominates the park's detention basin, turning it into a dramatic stage. Here, the dragon, poised on the edge of the water, is part of a captivating performance featuring glowing cubes that dancers twirl and toss, reminiscent of the dragon playing with its pearl—a majestic and awe-inspiring sight. This golden dragon, a beacon of fortune and guardianship, extends New Year's blessings to everyone.

The dragon's head, illuminated and colorful, stretches into a dynamic three-dimensional form, almost as if it's about to take flight. The vibrant golden tones, set against a well-matched color palette, bring the scene to life with movement and depth. This composition blends the contemporary with the traditional, offering a fresh take on the festive atmosphere. It mirrors the spirit of Taichung—modern yet rooted in tradition. The color theme also resonates with Mayor Lu Shiow-yen's New Year's message of prosperity for Taichung.

But there's more than just the main lantern. The festival features a variety of themed areas, each telling a different tale of the dragon, an iconic symbol in Eastern mythology. These narratives are woven into the natural and urban landscape of Taichung, creating enchanting and lavish scenes. By day, these installations stand as artistic landmarks, while at night, they transform into a radiant wonderland, highlighting Taichung's cultural and natural splendor.

The festival is packed with daily activities organized by the Taichung City Government. There's something for everyone: themed markets, street performances, and live music shows on the opening and closing nights, making for a diverse and memorable experience. The themed market, open every day from February 16th to 25th, offers a mix of food, crafts, and creative products, perfect for those looking to shop while enjoying the lanterns. Meanwhile, the street performances, scheduled from February 17th to 24th, feature a wide range of talents, from music and dance to magic and acrobatics, all adding to the festival's festive vibe. The music shows on the first and last days of the festival will be star-studded events, signaling the grand opening and closing of this luminous celebration.

Taichung warmly welcomes everyone to join in this radiant festival, to savor the local delicacies, and to immerse in the city's rich natural and cultural beauty. Stay updated with the latest festival news and discover more about Taichung's attractions by visiting the Taichung Tourism and Travel Website or following the Big Fun Taichung Facebook page.


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