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Taichung Lantern Festival Extended by 3 Days to 228, Enjoy the Lanterns During the Holiday!


Taichung Lantern Festival Extended by 3 Days to 228, Enjoy the Lanterns During the Holiday!

Taichung Lantern Festival Extended by 3 Days to 228, the Taichung Lantern Festival is the largest Lantern Festival in Taiwan. This year, with the theme of "Taichung Dragon Blessings," the first-ever water lantern and a variety of special lanterns are on display, attracting tourists from all over the country. Originally scheduled for 10 days, the festival has been extended by 3 days due to enthusiastic response, announced by Mayor Lu Xiuyan, ending on the holiday of February 28, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the lanterns.

If you have not yet visited the Taichung Lantern Festival, or if you want to come again, here is some information and suggestions to help you plan a pleasant lantern viewing trip.

Transportation Information

The venue for the Taichung Lantern Festival is located at Shuihuan Central Park. There are 14 bus routes nearby, with about 450 buses on weekdays and about 353 buses on holidays, which is very convenient. If you take the MRT, you can transfer to the free shuttle bus provided by the city government at the City Hall station or Songzhu station to the lantern festival. The shuttle bus departs every day from 4 pm to 11 pm, and every 10 minutes, so you don't have to worry about waiting too long.

If you drive, you can park at one of the 8 parking lots near the lantern festival, including Jingmao 6, Jingmao 8, Chuangyan 26, etc. The remaining parking spaces in the parking lot can be checked in advance in the "Taichung City Parking Guidance System", or you can directly navigate to the parking lot, which is very convenient. However, the space in the parking lot is limited, and it may be congested during peak hours. It is recommended that you try to avoid the time from 7 pm to 8 pm, or take public transportation to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

Lantern Festival Features

The biggest highlight of the Taichung Lantern Festival is the main lantern on the water, "Dragon Blessings Taichung". This is the first water lantern in Taiwan, up to 20 meters high, composed of a golden dragon and a giant lantern, symbolizing the prosperity and auspiciousness of Taichung. The main lantern has a spectacular light and music show at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm every night, allowing you to feel the momentum of the dragon and the warmth of the lantern. Don't miss it.

In addition to the main lantern, there are various theme lanterns at the lantern festival, such as "Descendants of the Dragon", "Hometown of the Dragon", "Culture of the Dragon", etc., showing the history, geography, culture, and creativity of Taichung. You can see all kinds of dragons in the lantern festival, including traditional Chinese dragons, modern mechanical dragons, cute cartoon dragons, and dragons from various countries, such as Japanese god dragons, Indian nagas, Western fire dragons, etc., allowing you to broaden your horizons and feel the diversity and charm of the dragon.

Extension Information

The Taichung Lantern Festival was originally scheduled to end on February 26, but due to the enthusiasm and feedback of the public, Mayor Lu Xiuyan decided to extend it by 3 days, ending on February 28, allowing more people to have the opportunity to enjoy the lanterns. During the extension period, traffic connections and road controls will also be extended, so you can rest assured. However, there may be more crowds during the extension period, so it is recommended that you take advantage of weekdays or avoid peak viewing times on holidays to avoid crowding and affecting the quality of lantern viewing.

The Taichung Lantern Festival is a grand event that combines tradition and modernity, local and international, culture, and creativity, showing the charm and vitality of Taichung. It is a lantern festival worth seeing again and again. If you haven't been here yet, or if you want to come again, take advantage of the February 28 holiday and come to Taichung to enjoy the lanterns!









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